The process-oriented technology for testing fresh concrete

In the past few years, the fresh concrete technology got more and more important in the construction industry.
  The rationalized application requires a special attention for good quality concrete. Obviously a fast accurate test method is necessary.
  For that reason, better consistency measuring instruments has been developed worldwide.


The basic resarch has been made at the ETH Zürich(Swiss Federal institute of Technology).
Atrof AG made the FCT-101 feasible and with Jenoptik Jolos
in Germany is the Production.
Basis: The FCT - 101 has two basic elements:
  The instrument measuring the fresh concrete consistency simple and fast on delivery of the concrete at the conctruction site.
The measured values are automatically accumulted.
  The software built in the instrument allows a direct process of the results for the administration.

The FCT - 101 can be handled very simple on site and performs
at the same time the quality requirements according ISO 9000.
Due to the exact consistency measuring method (n=variable),
the FCT-101 is even used in research institutes.
  Due to the package of the complete system, the FCT-101 is suitable to include with only one measuring method the entire production-and logistic-process.
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